The Enemy of Writing


The Smartphone has been a very efficient tool for many types of work and communication.


Although we have had to ponder about its efficiency regarding bringing real knowledge to an entire generation. It is easy to notice the lack of interest for the quality of writing, for the construction of good texts, and for the use of a more extensive vocabulary.


Reading has become something quick. Something to be done in a minute. Actually, many have chosen to watch videos instead of reading because it is so easy… The quality of the image is so vivid! The best we can do is to think that many are different, people are no fools!


What can we do to take advantage of the new technologies and do not interfere with the people's ability of writing?


Writing is something that we must like, that we must be in love with. Writing is sending a message, a powerful message. To become a great writer, we must go back to reading books, taking online courses and taking advantage of the applications for reading. In addition, we must study, it is important to emphasize that knowing continues to be the greatest differential in our society.


At the IIJTC we have worked hard to provide courses that will make your writing better. Both in English and in Portuguese, expecting to turn the game around and make our nation powerful again!


Thank you for reading,

Prof. Thiago Gomes Calmon

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