Sales of Goods – Inglês Jurídico.

I would like to talk about the Sales of Goods.

A very interesting fact about this subject is that it has been applied all over the world in commercial transactions.

So, if you are a lawyer, and have not studied this subject with the care and attention it needs, think again, you have been missing a lot.

The goal of this subject is to create professionals that are prepared to work with any type of sale of a moveable chattel. Or a moveable product. Take a smartphone as an example.

Some of the clauses that we must always study are:

  1. Claims and credit - Clause that relates to any problems in the transaction or therein the products.
  2. Changes or cancellation - Modifications and termination.
  3. Delivery - When is the transaction completed?
  4. Indemnification of vendor - The protection of the vendor against misuse of its products.
  5. Limitation of Remedies - How much and how can the buyer act against any breach by the vendor.
  6. Prices and Payment - The consideration clause.
  7. Retention of Title - Clause stating that the title of the goods sold remain with the Seller until payment is due, besides it brings provisions to secure the right of entry.
  8. Title and Risk - When does the title passes from the Seller to the Buyer?
  9. Orders - It explains the way a buyer makes an order.
  10. Warranties - Statements that the product is fit for a purpose, and not for some other purpose.


Another point worth mentioning is the difference between a ROT clause and a charge. A charge is a security for payment granted by the legal system and must be registered. And a Retention of Title clause is a contractual protection that secures payment and it is not registered, which is much more feasible than using charges. Both securities are binding.


Curitiba - The beautiful city!
Curitiba - The beautiful city!


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