The world globalized market brings to entrepreneurs many advantages like its recognition of their products or services. However, if a brand becomes very recognized or broadly known, but it is not registered, it will open a wide leeway for the malicious taking of the property. That is a path to massive investment loss and the owner will not be able to immediately stop the wrongdoing. To register a trademark is the most secure way to ensure safety to the property owner and prevent bad or improper use of it.

The registration identifies the brand on the market ocean and grants the owner the exclusive use and economic exploitation, preventing unfair competition. Every sign, except those prohibited by the law, used to identify the business, whatever it is, can be registered. It has brought safety and quality to a client. Otherwise, a bad use of the brand by third party may blacken it, undermining its value. That is why the biggest companies have their identities protected through registration. An entrepreneur must recognize the crucial importance of being a trademark owner which may be important for the future of his or her business, no matter how small it is.

Hence, as much you attach importance to the marketing campaigns that will bring you popularity, you must provide the registration that will grant exclusive use and secure the client’s safety for his goods and service quality.


Jacqueline Curvo Rondon
Advogada e Agente de Propriedade

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