Environmental Law: A Concept Beyond Nature Protection

For many years people thought environmental law had to do (strictly) with nature protection and people who defended it were hippies and free spirits. Well... that's wrong! 


Except for Trump and his pals, people realised it's major importance, since enviromental law embraces urban infrastructure regulation, polution control, consumer's rights, health policies, natural resources management, work safety standards, animal protection, well-being and human survival.


- Should there be a letter "T" on food packages that contain transgenic products? 

- Do you have the right to build a house in this area? 

- When is the fishing season?

- Can I take a piece of a reef home, as a souvenir?

- What is the correct litter bin for this type of waste?

- Should cities invest in traffic planning and alternative transportation? 

- Which countries need to reduce polution emissions the most?

- Is agroecology a solution for hunger and food distribution issues?


All this questions are examples of situations related to environmental law. Therefore, we notice that it affects the economy in a macro and micro perspective and even day-by-day ordinary details. Environmental law studies clarify the fact that nature-human beings-cities-animals, we are all interconnected and we depend on eachother to survive.


Fight for the cause, because, despite loving or hating animals/mountains/a beautiful landscape, enviromental law stands for human kind protection as well!


Dra. Luísa Bresolin


Instituto O Direito Por um Planeta Verde.

Os artigos referência em Direito Ambiental no Brasil constam nas publicações do Instituto o Direito por um Planeta Verde, que você pode conferir aqui:


Professores e profissionais renomados fazem parte dele. Esse video é bastante explicativo sobre a atuação do Instituto. Confira:




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