Company Formation

A great company must be formed by a group of shareholders that take over different roles in the company. They are called the directors of a company or the company's officers.


Team work!


I have put some of the most famous roles in a board of directors in thelist below, please, mind each of them.



The Director - CEO (Chief Executive Officer) - The role of the directoris to provide a general direction for the business, motivating the members of the company and applying a management style.

The Managing Director - He or she oversees the work of every member of the company and manages the day-to-day affairs of the business.

The Director of Technology - CIO (Chief Information Officer) - Thedirector of technology oversees every production related to information technology and handles the issues that may come up in the company's system.

The Financial Director - The Financial Director shall work together with the accountant handling the finances of the business in every aspect.

The Company Secretary - The Company Secretary is a very important director, he or she could be in charge of documentation, intellectual property, capital, and even personnel.

The Marketing Director - The one handles every aspect of Marketing, specially digital marketing which is of extreme importance for business nowadays.

The Sales Director - The Sales Director is in charge of the technique for the sales; besides, coordinating the sales personnel that will directly get in touch with prospective clients.

The Director of Design - Design thinking has been one of the newest trends in business management, it is important to emphasize that it plays a major role in the establishment of a business.


I strongly believe that the ones aforesaid are the most important officers for a board of directors and that every company that is seeking for strong performance must look for those professionals for its board.


Finally, we should scrutinize another very important board for a company, which is the supervisory board. But we shall talk about it in another post.


Thank you very much for you time,

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Thiago Calmon


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