Clauses in an Agreement.

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Welcome back! I would like to talk about clauses in an agreement. The subject is about the types of clauses that we may find when we deal with contracts in English.


Allow me to point our a three of them.


  • Confidentiality - The clause will always bring a statement providing that the parties must not disclose the information they acquire under the contract.
  • Force Majeure - What happens when you cannot perform because of an earthquake or a riot? Are the parties liable for any damages? I do not think so!
  • Dispute Resolution - If the parties start to disagree on the matters, what are the actions that may be taken to solve them? Normally, the clause will regulate mediation or arbitration as the preferred procedure.


Did you understand the English that I have just used? If not, you need some Legal English. Would you like to know more? Write me and I shall reply!


I hope that in 2017 we all live great things. We are prepared to make the best of it. What about you?


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