About the International Contracts Course

The greatest international transactions in the world are performed in English. We all know that. But are you ready to be part of these transactions? Are you prepared for the international practice of law?

To get into this market, it has not been sufficient to be fluent in English or to be a great lawyer in Brazil. You must master the language of International Contracts if you want to become successful in a much broader market than your network. I am not going too far when I say that if you keep doing things the way you have been you may never be ready to become a member of this very selected group of professionals ready to influence the international market and assist global clients.

The international contracts course aims to give you the skills needed for this venture. As we walk through different types of Agreements, we learn the language related to each of them, getting familiar with the contractual language, and becoming ready to interpret, discuss, present, negotiate, and draft international contracts in English.

As a professor, I have assisted lawyers for over a decade in many international endeavors and I have to say that it feels great, not only financially but scientifically, as I have become familiar with a wide variety of business, and I feel like part of the formation of a global community.

The Course brings mainly contracts under Corporate Law, International Commerce, Intellectual Property, and so on, areas in which international agreements are usually present. The purpose of this text is to invite you to have the experience, the feeling and the opportunity of becoming familiar with the contractual language.

Some of you may be already having this problem, you might be working with contracts in English and having a very difficult time. This Course will also provide for that. Because you can easily search for definitions and samples, not only copying but understanding what you need to do and how to draft.

Welcome to the world of International Contracts. Hope you enjoy this amazing journey.

Best Wishes,

Prof. Thiago Gomes Calmon

Diretor do Instituto de Inglês Jurídico Thiago Calmon

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